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Tooth Colored Restoration Specialist in Porterville, CA

To ensure your smile stays healthy and attractive, consider the metal-free composite restorations offered at Richard Hardt, D.D.S. in Porterville, California. Dr. Richard Hardt, DDS, and Dr. Lawryn Monterroso, DDS, provide tooth-colored restorations that look more like your natural teeth and are an effective solution when you need a new filling in a decayed or damaged tooth. Learn more about the benefits of tooth-colored restorations by calling the office or using online booking today.

Tooth Colored Restoration Specialist Q & A

Tooth-colored, or composite, restorations are an ideal way to fill a cavity or replace existing metal fillings. Composite material resembles your own natural teeth to make dental fillings and repairs less noticeable.


Composite material may also provide strength and renewed functionality to a damaged tooth, protecting it from additional injury.


Dr. Hardt and Dr. Monterroso use this composite material to fill cavities and repair small chips or fractures in a tooth. In these types of repairs, they carefully bond the material to your tooth and shape the composite material to match the size and shape of your other teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically pleasing, closely matching the look and feel of your natural teeth. The restorative material is made up of a blend of durable resins that are similar to your original tooth structure.


The resin material provides your teeth with additional support and strength, helping you to preserve more of your natural tooth when you have a cavity or suffer an injury. The resin is resistant to fractures or breaks and can tolerate excess pressure when you chew food.


Another advantage of tooth-colored fillings is their ability to resist stains. Unlike metal fillings that may cause discoloration to the surrounding teeth over time, composite resin material retains its color and doesn’t cause a grayish tint to your other teeth.

Dr. Hardt or Dr. Monterroso may recommend tooth-colored restorations if you have a cavity small to moderate in size that needs filling.


If you have a large cavity or other injury to your tooth, Dr. Hardt or Dr. Monterroso may still be able to use a tooth-colored material to replace the missing parts of your tooth, creating a customized replacement tooth that they later bond to your remaining natural tooth.

In many cases, people with silver fillings opt to replace previous dental work with tooth-colored fillings for a more natural, attractive look.


Dr. Hardt or Dr. Monterroso determine if it’s safe and effective to make the replacement based on the size of the filling and your overall oral health.


To learn more about the benefits of tooth-colored restorations, call Richard Hardt, D.D.S. in Porterville, California, or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.

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