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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

how much do dentures cost

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Among the many questions that come to mind when considering dentures, the cost is one of the most important. While it is impossible to estimate the actual cost of a particular individual’s dentures in a general article, we can give you some basic estimates for the cost of dentures. We can also give you some additional things to consider when looking at the cost of dentures.

General Price

Given that there are so many different variables affecting denture’s cost, it is wise to get a professional estimate before proceeding. Generally speaking, dentures cost somewhere between $1,300 and $1,500. Online, however, you may find some more basic, partial dentures listed below the $1,000 mark. The highest level of dental implants can be over $20,000.

It is important to pick a provider you know and trust and go through their process entirely. You don’t want to discover any hidden fees that weren’t apparent at the outset. Additionally, if you plan to use dental insurance, you will need to check the approval process for your provider and ensure you follow their rules.

As previously mentioned there are dozens of factors that affect the cost of dentures. Likewise, we could break dentures down into dozens of categories and specifics. There are different materials used for partial and complete dentures that affect not only the cost, but also function, durability, and comfort. The scope of this article cannot cover all of these details, but we would like to give you a sense of some of the main breakdowns as these are things that can affect your overall price.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are one of the most common types of dentures. These dentures are for people who have lost a few teeth, but who still have many healthy teeth remaining. The remaining teeth are used as anchors for the partials, providing a firm anchor and support. Regarding partial dentures cost, you can expect them to fall generally into the price category mentioned above. However, the chosen material and complexity of the procedure can vary and affect the overall value.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are exactly what they sound like. These dentures completely replace your entire set of teeth. Your dentist will remove any remaining teeth and then allow time for the jaw line and gums to settle. After that, the dentist will take measurements, and your dentures will be constructed and fitted. In general, you can still expect to be around the $1,300 to $1,500 price range, however, as with partials materials can affect the price.

Immediate Dentures

The process for immediate dentures is a little bit different, and this process is more expensive, starting around the $1,500 mark and moving upward from there. The process begins by taking impressions of your mouth before the removal of your teeth. Then, during the removal of remaining teeth, the impressions are immediately fitted so that you never have to go without teeth. Some cosmetic compromises are made but are minimal.

All in all, you can expect to be in the $1,300 to $1,500 range. However, you must keep in mind that multiple factors play into the cost of dentures and you should not set a budget or make arrangements without knowing the details of your situation or without getting an estimate from your dentist. There are many types of dentures, that break down into partial, complete, and immediate categories. From there, the materials and the complexity of the case at hand also influence cost.

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