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Five Powerful Photos of People Smiling

I’m a dentist and, as my patients know, I have an affinity for photography as well. As such, I would like to share with you five of the most powerful images I have come across over the years. All of them featuring big smiles, these photos are where my two passions - dentistry and photography - intersect.



In Tenganan Village, Bali, a man plays the bamboo flute for a young disabled boy. The joy on the child’s face is palpable, and the man appears to be enjoying himself too. The only thing missing from this photo is audio.


This photo was taken by Ario Wibisono.



The four ballerinas in this picture are rehearsing at the only classical ballet school in Rwanda. Founded by Caroline Joan Peixoto, who went to Rwanda from the U.S. with the goal of opening the school, Ballet Rwanda has brought this art form to countless children who would never have had the opportunity otherwise. Look at those happy faces! Thank you to Caroline for helping spread art and cheer throughout the world.

This photo was taken by Caroline Joan Peixoto.



In this photo titled, “The Little Parisian,” a small boy runs home cradling a baguette, which he will presumably devour once he gets home. Though this picture is an uplifting one, there is an underlying sadness. The glee that this boy feels running with a piece of bread suggests - though we can’t say for sure - that this isn’t a luxury he enjoys every day. Taken in 1952, this photo gives us pause to reflect on the abundance available to many of us in this day and age.

This photo was taken by Willy Ronis.



So much emotion in this photo! Whether crying or laughing, this groom is giddy with joy at the sight of his bride reciting her wedding vows. The groom’s show of emotion has brought a smile to the bride’s face as well, and, judging from what we can see of his face, the officiator is smiling too.

This photo was taken by Daniel Gross.



This is a smile, right? This woman is participating in the Mt. Hagen Sing Sing Festival, a ceremony which takes place annually in Papua New Guinea. During this festival, the country’s various tribes gather, each dressed in their own traditional garb, and put on dances for one another. Sing Sing has become increasingly popular among Westerners, who often travel to Papua New Guinea to witness this colorful display.

This photo was taken by Eric Lafforgue

I hope you enjoyed my list! Of course, I’m always looking to add to it. What are some of your favorite pictures of people smiling?

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